Client —Teplitsa

Credits — freelance, 2017

Art director — Alexei Sidorenko


SSH: hackathon of social IT projects for solving important social problems.

I was commissioned to develop the logotype for SSH: Voronezh is a hacket of social IT projects for solving important social problems, wich was in march 17-19, 2017 organised by Teplitsa of social technologies and the Human Rights House. 

The authors of the projects were city activists, not indifferent townspeople, social entrepreneurs, representatives of public and non-profit organizations and movements. Developers, designers, journalists and specialists from other areas were able to become part of the projects and apply their skills in practice.


The SSH: HACKATHON had a great succes. The participants were motivated and pleased to get new knowledges about how to ameliorate the social life of the city.

Thanks a lot to Alexei Sidorenko for the submission. I am very happy to contribute to this project.