Client —Teplitsa

Credits — freelance, 2016

Art director — Alexei Sidorenko


Hackathon 24/24.

I was commissioned to execute 24/24 logotype. In November 2016 Teplitsa of social technologies held in Krasnoyarsk Hakaton 24/24. A two-day event on the creation of IT projects to address acute social problems. Active city residents, programmers, designers and NGO representatives worked on their projects and presented the results to an independent jury. The winning team received 1000 euros for the completion of its project. Hakaton 24/24 was held for two days.


On the first day, participants listened to reports of experts in the field of urban activism, design and site design, and participated in two master classes. At the end of the training part, the authors of the projects presented their ideas, which they planned to work on on the hakaton. The second day was devoted to work on projects. Hackaton ended with the protection of developments before the jury.


Communal Bridge is the symbol of Krasnoyarsk City, Siberia, Russia. Krasnoyarsk is the largest cultural, economic, industrial, and educational center of Central and Eastern Siberia. The downtown embankment of the Yenisey River is a nice spot to view the Communal Bridge over this powerful northward-flowing Siberian river. In 1961, the Communal Bridge, the length of which is 2,100 meters, was put into operation. But even more grandiose is the Oktyabrsky road-transport

bridge over the Yenisey, built in 1986. It is 41 meters wideand more than 5,000 meters long. The Yenisey does not freeze in the winter (even in extreme cold as low as -40 C/ -40 F) because of the fast current of the water downstream from the dam (Krasnoyarsk Hydro Electric Power Station). The dam is located 40 kilometers upstream of downtown Krasnoyarsk. The bridge is printed on  the Russian 10-rouble bank note.